Content Guidelines

Content guidelines:

To start, VGFamily includes the rules from our Discord server. These are:

1. Be respectful to your fellow members! Spam, targeted attacks, and otherwise malicious or antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated. The use of slurs and disparaging remarks on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, etc. will result in a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned.
2. Try to keep things on-topic. It's okay if the conversation goes on a brief tangent sometimes, but if it starts dominating the thread, please move it either to a more fitting thread or to DMs.
3. This is a SFW/PG-13 site. Swearing and the occasional suggestive joke are fine, but no explicitly sexual or gory content.

It's okay to discuss games and other media that contain explicit content, but you should avoid images and overly detailed descriptions.

Additionally, in an effort to avoid the weeks-long angry discussions that were constant on the old forums, political content should be kept to the #politics-philosophy-religion channel on the Discord and not posted anywhere on the forums or blogs.
To clarify this: Your own identity and beliefs, whatever they are, are NOT political as long as they only address yourself. If you want to write about how a game helped your coming out experience or interacted with your personal spiritual beliefs, that's great! That said, any significant discussion of other people's beliefs, or of what you think other people's values should be, needs to be in PPR.

Lastly, we ask that anyone who writes blog posts keep the topics at least adjacent to games for the sake of consistency. It's totally fine to write about a book or a new album that you think everyone might be interested in, but if you're thinking of starting a long-running series on movies, golf, etc, that should be hosted elsewhere.

Our storage space is relatively limited, so please try to keep uploaded image sizes small.

And, of course, all rules for the forums and Discord also apply to blog posts. Don't attack anyone, stay PG-13, and keep politics to the Discord channel.

If anything is unclear or you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to reach out by DM or using the suggestions box on the Discord or forums.