VGF's Community Game Awards, 2021

The people have spoken! Thank you to those who nominated games for these categories, and thank you further to the 20 of you who voted on our community game awards. How did our little community, as a whole, feel about gaming in 2021? Let's find out!

By the way, VGFam, I encourage all of you to spend some time writing about your personal favorite games here on the blog. Ian's has been up a few days, and I just posted mine. Yours don't have to be as long or involved as ours--you don't even need to do a top 10--but if you have any opinions on games that were released in 2021, or even games that YOU PLAYED in 2021 regardless of release date, now is the time to get your thoughts out into the world!

Award time!

Biggest News: The Announced Closure of VGF Forums

Of course, the closure of a 20+-year-old gaming forum on a small corner of the internet isn't exactly earth-shattering. As it turns out, though, it's pretty important to the community that used to call that website home. When VGF was on the chopping block, members of the forum from across the years came out of the woodwork to come pay their respects--and, in some cases, return to the community and reconnect! Our Discord server grew significantly as former VGFers came out of the woodwork to find how the community was persisting. It has been great to see the growth of the VGFam over the past few months!

...Now, of course, the forums didn't actually shut down, know, whatever. They almost did, and we acted like they did, and all the old content's gone, and we eulogized it all the same. As far as we're concerned, the forums are essentially done. VGF is dead! Long live VGF!

Runner-up (and probably the actual biggest news of the year): Activision-Blizzard's awfulness

Dumbest Thing (Good): Chris Pratt as Mario and other baffling Mario movie casting choices

Just...look at the above image. Just look at it. Stare at it. Contemplate it. Feel it. This is so dumb. I love it.

Runner-up: XBox actually made a fridge

Dumbest Thing (Bad): NFT's in general, but also their forced implementation into games by greedy execs

Have you ever looked at a .JPG and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I could have a version of this digital image that would also destroy a rainforest"? Thanks to NFT's, that dream is now a reality! As an added bonus, the president of Square Enix wants to include NFT's in future video game releases. Is that the stupidest thing you've ever heard? Yeah, me too. Man, I don't even want to keep writing about this because I hate it so much. Too bad I'm going to have to bring it up again in a few categories.

Runner-up: VGF not actually shutting down, but continuing on as a husked form of its former self

Best Soundtrack and Song: Deltarune, Ch. 2 - Attack of the Killer Queen

Many of us at VGF are big fans of Undertale, and those of us who aren't big fans of Undertale are still pretty big appreciators of its soundtrack. So it's no surprise that Deltarune, the long-awaited followup from renaissance auteur Toby Fox, topped our collective ranking of soundtracks, with its standout track Attack of the Killer Queen taking home the gold. The soundtrack, Killer Queen included, is more of what you've come to love from Toby, but perhaps with a more hard-hitting rock edge. Can't wait for chapter 3!

Runner-up: Shin Megami Tensei V

Biggest Disappointment: People actually buying into NFT garbage

Man, I apologize for polluting our fair website with these horrific, completely stupid images. I have never met a real person who actually thinks NFT's are anything but the most idiotic piece of technology ever devised but...they exist. Those people are out there, somehow thinking that their tokens are actually non-fungible. I can't believe I have to share a planet with these people. But hey, on the plus side, those people are ensuring that there won't be a planet to share for much longer.

Runner-up: Mario Golf: Super Rush

NPC of the Year: Quiet Robe (Metroid Dread)

Metroid Dread is a game all about solitude and exploration...but it also happens to be about 15-minute lore dumps right smack dab in the middle of it all. Quiet Robe is the first living Chozo that you've ever interacted with in this series (if you don't count Raven Beak dropping you in an endless pit in the first few minutes of the game). He shares with you the sociopolitical history of the Mawkin and Thoha Chozo tribes, lets you know what's going on with ZDR, and encourages you along your path to defeat Raven Beak. And then, well, he bites it the moment you leave the screen. It happens. RIP, Quiet Robe. We hardly knew ye. Literally.

Runner-up: Jefferson (Death's Door)

Multiplayer Experience of the Year: Mario Party Superstars

It feels like for years, we collectively shouted at Nintendo, "Just give us the N64 Mario Party games! They were the good ones! They're what we have nostalgia for! Stop getting cute with it and just give us what we want!!" Finally, they heard our cries! The top maps and minigames from the top Mario Party games in the series combine in Mario Party Superstars, the brightest and best the series has to offer. Maybe we should keep screaming about Paper Mario and Mother 3, too?

Runner-up: Job Job

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