Ultimate Stage of the Month #20: Solid Atreyu

HOLLOW BASTION Source series: Kingdom Hearts Appears in: Ultimate Home characters: Sora Availability: DLC Type: Sedimentary Hazards: None Music: "Hollow Bastion" "Fragments of Sorrow" "Night of Fate" "Hand in Hand" "Scherzo Di Notte" "Destiny's Force" "Shrouding Dark Cloud" "Blast Away! (Gummi Ship II)" "Destati" "Dearly Beloved (Swing Version)" Trivia: --Advances to "Dive to the Heart" when either time, stocks, or HP run low. --...unless hazards are turned off, which doesn't make any dang sense, as it has zero effect whatsoever on gameplay. This oddity also affects the Omega & Battlefield forms. --Sora's Station of Awakening will not appear if Sora is in the battle (except in Classic). --All art of Donald, Goofy, & Mickey that would normally appear in Dive to the Heart stations is removed. --Dr. Kawashima & Lunala cannot be summoned. --"Dearly Beloved" only becomes available if you have a save file for Melody of Memory on the same system where you play Ultimate. Honestly a bit underwhelming for the final stage. The stained glass art is neat, though. And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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