"Ultimate" Stage of the Month #15: The Learning Channel


Source series: Super Smash Bros.

Appears in: SSB64

Home characters: Mario, Luigi

Availability: Hax

Type: Sedimentary

Hazards: None


"How to Play"


--In this game, TAP is the key! To TAP, quickly tap the Control Stick.

--Up TAP the Control Stick or press C to jump.

--Up TAP while in the air to do a midair jump.

--Attack with A.

--Perform a Power Attack with Up A, Side A, or Down A.

--Do a Smash Attack with TAP + A!

--You can't win simply by increasing damage. But as damage increases...you can knock your opponent farther!

--Knock them off to win, but don't get knocked off yourself!

--If you get knocked off, try to get back up with Up TAP or Up B.

--Perform your 3 special moves with B, Up B, or Down B!

--Shield yourself with Z...or dodge with Z + TAP!

--Throw an enemy with Z + A or with R!

--Grab items with A...and use them with A!

--You can also throw items with Z + TAP + A!

--Master your techniques and start fighting!

--Up to 4 people can play!

--Very clearly an intentionally unfinished build of Dream Land.

A bit of filler to help me keep the column numbers synced up.

I like recreating this in Stage Builder.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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