Ultimate Character Updates of the Month #6: MK! META KONG IS HERE!

Another pair of groups today:



--Now does adorable copy poses.


--Dash attack has switched back to the Burning ability, but it no longer runs off edges.

--Can now Inhale projectiles to heal (or even spit some back out as stars).

--Copy abilities are 20% stronger than the character copied.

--The probability of losing a Copy ability when hit is now the same as the % damage taken, with the exception of the first 20 seconds after gaining the ability, where it can only be lost by dying.

--Stone has super armor on startup.


--Unlocks: #38 in Vs, #4 in Link's Classic line (after K. Rool, Ice Climbers, & Simon), or in the Mysterious Dimension in the Dark Realm of WoL.


--Mach Tornado has more mobility.

--New FS: Darkness Illusion (source: Kirby Star Allies)


--Unlocks: #30 in Vs, #4 in DK's Classic line (after Bowser, Red, & Rosaluma), or in Gourmet Race in the Light Realm of WoL.

--Faster & heavier.

--Inhale can be used as a reflector, or to speed up Gordos.

--Jet Hammer breaks shields at full charge.

--New FS: Dede-Rush (source: Super Star Ultra)



--Faster & heavier.

--Always stands in 3/4 pose to camera, like in DKC games.

--Charge Shot is now chargeable in the air.

--Throws are no longer weight-dependent.

--New down cargo throw.

--Giant Punch charges faster & no longer triggers helpless fall in the air.

--Headbutt has super armor.

--New FS: Jungle Rush (source: Jungle Beat)


--Unlocks: #37 in Vs, #7 in DK's Classic line (after Bowser, Red, Rosaluma, Dedede, Sheik, & Greninja), or in DK Island in the Light Realm of WoL.

--Faster & lighter.

--Always stands in 3/4 pose to camera, like in DKC games.

--Peanut Popgun now has a melee hitbox, so with his pistols out, he's one cool Kong.

--Rocketbarrel Boost gains more distance, so he flies real high with his jetpack on.

--New FS: Hyper Rocketbarrel (source: DK64)

Is it just me, or was almost everyone made faster in Ultimate?

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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