Ultimate Character Updates of the Month #3: The ACME Tri(force)angle



--Starter, but also found down Villager's path in Light Realm in WoL.

--Is now the Hero of the Wild instead of the Hero of Twilight.


--No longer uses Hookshot or Clawshot for grabs.

--Down B is now Remote Bombs. (source: BotW)

--Can now shoot sword beams from f-smash while at full health.

--Can now pick up old arrows & double-fire them.

--Side B has switched back to the regular Boomerang from the Gale Boomerang.

--New Final Smash: Ancient Bow & Arrow (source: BotW)


--Unlocks: #2 in Vs, #4 in Kirby's Classic line (after Ness, Jigglypuff, & Pac-Man), or in the Sacred Land in the Dark Realm of WoL.

--Design now based on LttP/LBW.


--No longer enters helpless fall after aerial Din's Fire.

--Phantom Slash has been drastically reworked.

--New Final Smash: Triforce of Wisdom (based on: OoT/BotW)


--Unlocks: #47 in Vs, #5 in DK's Classic line (after Bowser, Red, Rosaluma, & Dedede), or at the crossroads in the Light Realm of WoL.

--Lighter & faster.

--No longer enters helpless fall after aerial Burst Grenade.

--New Final Smash: Sheikah Dance (source: Ultimate)


--Unlocks: #40 in Vs, #4 in Yoshi's Classic line (after Lucario, Marth, & Ryu), or in the Sacred Land in the Dark Realm of WoL.

--Faster & heavier.

--Now uses the Spaceworld demo sword for his smash attacks.

--Now always dies *first* in Ganoncide, instead of last.

--Final Smash renamed "Ganon the Demon King" & redesigned to reference OoT instead of TP.


--Unlocks: #44 in Vs, #8 in Link's Classic line (after K. Rool, Ice Climbers, Simon, Meta Knight, Snake, Young Link, & Richter), or in Forest Hill in the Light Realm of WoL.

--Lighter & faster.

Young Link was addressed in Character Of The Month #103. [I'll update that link once the relevant post has been migrated here.]

Link's overall improvements, versatile moveset, & high spirit/skill-tree compatibility have led him to be my crutch character for the Spirit Board and World of Light.

It took me ages to get Toon Link up to 6.0 in Classic (starting from the default 2.0).

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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