Other Thing of the Month #120: Zodiac System


Featured in: All 5 games

Function: How the mechanics of the game have grown for the past 22 years.


SSB64 - Everything. The entire core system of the game is new.

Melee - Side special, charged smashes, up/down throws, pummels, cargo carry for crates/barrels, wall jumps, sidestep/air dodge, ledge jumps, powershielding, lightshielding, tethers, healing while holding other items, smash taunts.

Brawl - Final Smashes, tripping, footstool jumps, crawling, gliding, wall clings, extra taunts, swimming.

Smash 4 - No more tripping or gliding, ledge trumping, rage, no more careening, meters, DLC.

Ultimate - 1v1 multiplier, swim damage, no more run-throughs, limit of ledge grabs, FS meter.

One more month to go in the Smash Thing of the Month series. (But then what?)

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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