Nick Character of the Month #3 [APRIL FOOLS!]: Y? Because We Like You!

Updated: Apr 2


First appearance: 1928

Character class - Gunner


Neutral - Paint Thinner (source: Epic Mickey)

Up - Lanes Between (source: Kingdom Hearts)

Down - Summon Broom (source: Fantasia)

HOME COURSE: Steamboat (music)

TAUNT: That one laugh


--Mickey's original name was going to be Mortimer (Mickey Rooney once claimed the change was inspired by himself, but his story has been debunked), & the short he debuted in was "Steamboat Willie". Guy can't settle into a name.

--Disney & WB negotiated that Mickey & Bugs would get the exact same amount of screentime in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which the filmmakers accomplished by putting them in the same scene doing the same thing at the same time (namely, skydiving). Since Looney Tunes reruns used to air on Nick, this might be the connection that led to Mickey's appearance in NASB.

Man, the contract negotiations with Square to allow a keyblade in this thing must've been insane!

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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