Let's Play Every GameCube Game, Part 10

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Nintendo EAD Tokyo/Nintendo, 2004)

This game opens with a big warning that you really want the bongo controller if you're going to play it, and unfortunately I do not have access to one. Equally unfortunately, the game feels terrible to play without one. I'm sure it's a lot of fun when you have the right setup, but it's not something I can play right now.

Donkey Konga

Donkey Konga (Namco/Nintendo, 2003)

I never realized that this was just a reskin of Taiko no Tatsujin by the same dev team, but it's pretty obvious once you start playing it. And I love Taiko! But, you know, that series has had years and years to get better since 2003, and I don't see any reason to play this over those games unless you really like DK or the specific songs they included here.

Donkey Konga 2

Donkey Konga 2 (Namco/Nintendo, 2004)

The same story, really. More recent Taiko games have much improved mechanics, but this is likely the only opportunity you'll ever have to play a Shaggy song in an official Taiko game. That's not nothing.

Donkey Konga 3

Donkey Konga 3 (Namco/Nintendo, 2005)

There's even less reason to play the third game in the series, because as a Japan-exclusive release, it features the exact same mix of J-Pop, anime, and game music that's in every Taiko game. All you're getting here is weaker mechanics.

Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet

Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet (Monkey Bar Games/Global Star Software, 2005)

A licensed platformer/collectathon that's extremely simple and constantly interrupts you with cutscenes. It's clearly intended for young kids, though, so I guess that's somewhat more acceptable.

Doraemon: Minna de Asobo! Minidorando

Doraemon: Minna de Asobo! Minidorando (Shogakukan, 2003)

You need to guide Doraemon and friends through theme park levels that are full of hazards and robots because reasons. This is probably one of very few opportunities to play as Doraemon with Mega Man's blaster, and he sounds like the "druk druk da da da" meme guy while shooting it. So that's fun.

Doshin the Giant

Doshin the Giant (Param/Nintendo, 2002)

A port of an N64DD god-game that was originally Japan-exclusive and got a European version on GCN. I stepped on my humans right at the beginning to see what would happen, and it almost immediately turned me into Hate-Giant, destroyed of worlds. So I killed the humans with fire and then put the game into an end state. I don't think it can go anywhere better from there.

Dr. Muto

Dr. Muto (Midway, 2002)

A platformer that was the last game designed by the guy who did Centipede, Breakout, San Francisco Rush, and a bunch of other classic arcade games. It got mixed reviews, but I couldn't play it because it opens with a very long unskippable cutscene that crashed on this frame, and there's no way I'm sitting through that again to give it another attempt.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai