Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 63

Sangokushi - Game Boy Ban 2

Sangokushi - Game Boy Ban 2 (Koei, 1999)

A Romance of the Three Kingdoms game that looks like it would be a strategy game, except that everything seems to be controlled by the computer. I was able to pick a starting date and then watch 15 CPU players take their turns before the month counter incremented to February. Not sure why anyone would want to do that.

Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen

Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen (TOSE/Imagineer, 1998)

A Pokemon knockoff with a "Past Version" and "Future Version", of which this is the former. You have to get through a whole lot of long winded exposition to reach your first battle, and as you can see, that's an extremely low-budget affair. The music is terrible and the overworld I saw was barren, which all points towards this being a rushed attempt to cash in on the craze.

Sanrio Timenet: Mirai Hen

Sanrio Timenet: Mirai Hen (TOSE/Imagineer, 1998)

Exactly the same game as the above except that your starting three choices of Pokemon-equivalent are different.

Santa Claus Junior

Santa Claus Junior (Neon Studios/JoWooD Productions, 2001)

Hyper generic platformer that still manages to have bad music even though they could've just recycled a bunch of public domain Christmas music.

Scooy Doo! Classic Creep Capers

Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers (Software Creations/THQ, 2001)

A Scooby Doo adventure game I'm pretty sure I played as a kid, although it wasn't my cartridge. I remember it being decent, and the introductory sequence was well made, so it's off to the list with this one.


Scrabble (Runecraft/Ubisoft, 2001)

If I was going to make a Scrabble video game, I'd at least make sure to not color the board like a mold growth. But I'm not going to make a Scrabble video game, and I'm also not going to play someone else's Scrabble video game. I don't like Scrabble, you see. It's course, and rough, and, wait, that's something else.

SD Hiryuu no Ken EX

SD Hiryuu no Ken EX (Culture Brain, 1999)

A fighting game with a huge cast of characters, surprisingly good backgrounds, and great music. I am no good at fighting games and may not be able to get very far in it, but it's definitely one for the list.

Seihai Densetsu

Seihai Densetsu (Gaps, 2000)

A mahjong RPG. It's neat that someone wanted to make a story mode for mahjong, and they did a decent job with the art and music. But, as you may have figured out from all the other mahjong games, I don't know how to play mahjong.

Seme COM Dungeon: Drururuaga

Seme COM Dungeon: Drururuaga (Kuusou Kagaku/Namco, 2000)