Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Early Alphabet Port to Blog 4.8 HD Remix Featuring Dante

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The last in a series of posts on games I previously covered on Discord before this site existed. Dante is not actually present.


Battleship (Pack-In-Video/Majesco, 1999)

The ancient board game, but with decent visuals for shots and pretty good music. It adds in some of the ship-based special attacks from some newer versions of the game, although it doesn't have planes and only uses four ships instead of five. It's kind of fun, but the AI might be cheating.


BattleTanx (Lucky Chicken Games/3DO, 2000)

Drive around LA and blow up a bunch of other tanks. There's supposed to be a story, I think, but none of the text shows up for some reason.

Beatmania GB
Beatmania GB2: Gotcha Mix
Beatmania GB Gotcha Mix 2

Beatmania GB, GB2: Gotcha Mix, and GB: Gotcha Mix 2 (Konami, 1999/1999/2000)

Beatmania on GBC. The sound works much better than it should, but left/up/right/b/a/start just isn't an intuitive control scheme. In the time it would take you to get used to that, you could be playing another game in the series at a higher level, and that game would likely also have better music. Not much reason to play these.

Beauty & The Beast: A Boardgame Adventure

Beauty & The Beast: A Boardgame Adventure (Left Field Productions/Nintendo, 1999)

Another roll and move game. This one barely has any animation.

Benjamin Blümchen: Ein Verrückter Tag im Zoo

Benjamin Blümchen: Ein Verrückter Tag im Zoo (BVM Production/Kiddinx, 2001)

I accidentally took a screenshot while being hit by something, so here's an elephant that's about to explode or something. It's a boring platformer.

Beyblade: Fighting Tournament

Beyblade: Fighting Tournament (Hudson Soft, 2000)

Here's a screenshot of the VN part of this game, because I absolutely cannot be bothered to play it enough to get to a fight again. Why are there so many of these games?

Bibi Blocksberg: Im Bann Der Hexenkugel

Bibi Blocksberg: Im Bann Der Hexenkugel (BVM Production/Kiddinx, 2001)

Take a walk in the woods and get attacked by every single forest creature that has ever lived. German woods must be very dangerous.