Leo's 50 Faves Coming Soon... but before that; the ones I haven't played enough of yet

I'll be honest, there are some games on my List(TM) that I haven't fully played either, but I've experienced enough of them to know definitively how much I love them. This section is reserved for the ones I just haven't played enough of to make any sort of fair assessment, but from what I HAVE played, I can tell I would really love them.


I have played Earthbound and Mother 3, and both fundamentally changed my view of what video games as storytelling media are capable of. The MOTHER soundtrack is also one of my favorites ever composed, despite (or because of?) its simplicity by nature of being an NES game. "Pollyanna" in its live record form is my favorite song. The music and the vibes in this game are so wonderful that the only thing keeping me from experiencing it for myself are, quite honestly, I can't deal with random encounter. I really just fundamentally cannot do random encounter. I'm sorry Ninten. Maybe someday.

Final Fantasy IX

I've played the first 6 or so hours of this game, and so far it is on track to be one of my favorite RPGs ever. I know I literally just said I can't do random encounter, but I think I'm okay with it in FFIX because the difficulty spikes between bosses and story beats make it so the fights are more or less mandated to keep pace; and there's also the challenge of inventory management to survive traveling from point A to point B when you are *forced* to take encounters. I adore this game and its combat, its characters and its music, its world and its vibe... but as I am only partway through disk 1 of a 4-disk RPG I feel it's a bit premature to officially rank it.

Megaman X

I will probably never actually beat this game because I am historically really bad about finishing games that are pretty much 100% gameplay. But I just want X and Zero to know that I love them and that their soundtracks go hard.


I recently tried getting into this MMO with a friend because I love the Wakfu show and the aesthetic is really cute. Unfortunately, I found that MMOs (or really any computer game using mouse movement) exacerbate my Gamer Wrist Issues more than just about any other hobby, so I had to bow out after just a couple days trying to learn the ropes. So Dofus is going to stay un-played indefinitely, in all likelihood.

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