Character of the Month #120: Sakurai's Company


Source series: Kingdom Hearts

First appearance: Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Unlock: DLC


Weight class - Light

Falling class - Slow

Running speed - Slow

Jump height - High

Character class - Bird, Chaos Soldier


B - Magic (source: KH1 but really Final Fantasy 1)

Side B - Sonic Blade (source: KH1)

Up B - Aerial Sweep (source: KH1)

Down B - Counterattack (source: KH1)

Final Smash - Sealing the Keyhole (source: KH1)

HOME COURSE: Hollow Bastion


Up - Stopga/Aeroga/Curaga, "Time!/Wind!/Heal!"

Side - Olympus victory pose

Down - "Here we go!"


--The true winner of the Smash 4 Fighter Ballot (remember Bayonetta was only described as the European winner).

--Can crawl.

--Winning stamina battles gets Sora a special fade-to-white win screen.

--Jab, f-tilt, Nair, & Fair all have 3-hit combos.

--Magic cycles between Firaga, Thundaga, & Blizzaga.

--Fireaga can be spammed until it stops.

--Each shard of Blizzaga counts as a separate projectile.

--Dair is the Hurricane Blast ability from Final Mix.

--Up throw is based on Blow-Off from Dream Drop Distance, back throws on Merge from Final Mix, & down throw on Fail-Safe from KH2.

--Aerial Sweep can chain into Sonic Blade, but not vice versa.

He's actually not very strong & has unusually short reach for a swordie; those combos are pretty important.

But after all these years, the full fighter roster is complete! Just got one boss entry & one minion entry left.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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