Character of the Month #119: Dead & Loving It

DRACULA Source series: Castlevania First appearance: Castlevania (1986) [First Smash appearance: Ultimate (2018)] STATS: Weight class - N/A Falling class - N/A Running speed - N/A Jump height - High Character class - Gunner/Bruiser MOVESET: First Form: --Hellfire --Dark Inferno --Dark Inferno Diffusion --Pillar of Fire --Bat Moon Second Form: --Hellfire --Curse Chaser --Shockwave --Rip Apart --Strike --Trample --Stomp HOME COURSE: Dracula's Castle TAUNT: First form: What is a man? Second form: Roar SPECIAL TRAITS/TRIVIA: --Has HP instead of damage %. --Being based on a globally-known public-domain character, Drac's name does not translate in any other language of the game. --In his 1st form, only Drac's head has a hurtbox; the rest of his body is intangible. In his 2nd form, his entire body is vulnerable. --In the original Castlevania continuity (from which both Simon & Richter Belmont originate), Dracula's original identity was Mathias Conqvist, & once the Belmonts fully kill him beyond resurrection, he is reincarnated as Soma Cruz. The Lords of Shadow reboot had him originate as Gabriel Belmont instead. --Vlad III Tepes Dracula ("Vlad III the Impaler, son of Dracul") was the warlord of Wallachia (in present-day Romania) & heir to Vlad II Dracul ("Vlad II the Dragon"). I cannot find any record of Vlad I. Records of Vlad the Impaler's cruelty are the basis for all forms of the Count Dracula vampire mythos, starting with Bram Stoker's original novel & continuing on into all adaptations thereof, including Castlevania's incarnation, Vlad Dracula Tepes. But enough talk, have at you! And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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