Character of the Month #117: MOVE FASTER POKEY

PORKY MINCH Source series: Mother First appearance: Earthbound (1994) [First Smash appearance: Brawl (2008)] STATS: Weight class - Very heavy Falling class - N/A Running speed - N/A Jump height - Hovers Character class - Tank MOVESET: March Forward Thrust Attack Jump Press What Did Porky Do?! Crab Walk Energy Ray Porky Sprayed Something of Some Sort! Plasma Attack Mecha-Porkies Rush Attack HOME COURSES: The Ruined Zoo TAUNT: Stick tongue out SPECIAL TRAITS/TRIVIA: --Has HP instead of damage %. --The only two-phase SSE boss, since he was revealed to be operating the Pig King Statue. --In the between-phase cutscene, Ness destroys the Pig King Statue with PK Flash, which is one of the only 2 ways to beat that boss in Mother 3. --Porky is especially weak to darkness & aura attacks. Y'know, like the kind you won't have the first time you fight him with just Ness & Lucas? --Due to his overuse of time travel after Earthbound, Porky's body stopped growing & he became immortal, but he still aged. He can no longer die of natural causes, but he's so frail that he poses no threat without the aid of machines. I can't remember where it was--another forum or a review or what--but I once saw somebody say how horrifying it was to see that the spider-mech boss in Subspace Emissary had a screaming child trapped inside of it. Someone else had to clarify for the poor misguided soul that the child WAS the boss, & that he was a vile little scumwad who didn't deserve such pity. And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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