Character of the Month #116: Tekknical


Source series: Tekken

First appearance: Tekken (1994)



Weight class - Very heavy

Falling class - Medium-fast

Running speed - Medium-slow

Jump height - Very Low

Character class - Bruiser, Gunner


B - Devil Blaster (source: Tekken 2)

Side B - Devil Fist (source: Tekken Tag Tournament)

Up B - Devil Wings (based on: Fly in Tekken 2)

Down B - Heaven's Door/Rage Drive (source: Tekken Tag Tournament/Tekken 7)

Command B - Spinning Demon to Left Hook (source: Tekken 3/Tekken 5)

Final Smash - Final Blaster (source: Tekken 7)

HOME COURSE: Mishima Dojo


Up - Crossed arms

Side - Demon's Wrath

Down - Devil form


--Has altogether 15 more "normal" attackks than everyone else, including: an extra jab combo, an extra dash attackk, 4 diagonal tilts, 4 crouch attackks, a directional-input grab/throw, a backk tilt, & 2 attackks out of Crouch Dash (not counting Spinning Demon to Left Hookk, which uses the B button). This gives him the 2nd-largest moveset in the game, after Thehero (o hai Command Selection).

--Every single one of his moves has a fancy name, except for floor & ledge attackks.

--Victory screen has no fanfare & uses the Tekken announcer instead of Xander Mobus.

--Devil Wings does not trigger helpless fall.

--Rage (not the "Rage" mechanic everyone has, but Tekken-y Rage) will end after 3 missed Rage Drives, 1 successful Rage Drive, ~36% damage takken, or death. It can only activate once per stockk.

--During Rage, Rage Drive replaces not only Heaven's Door, but also normal Grab and Dragon Uppercut.

--Has "Tough Body" super armor (similar to Bowser's "Tough Guy" trait).

Very strange to play as. Much more fun than Ryu & Kken, but not as fun as Terry.

If you're having trouble dealing with him, takke advantage of his poor mobility (and/or spam projectiles).

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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