Character of the Month #114: Xeno-Flayed Chronicles


Source series: Metroid

First appearance: Metroid (1986) [First Smash appearance: Brawl (2008)]


Weight class - Very heavy

Falling class - N/A

Running speed - N/A

Jump height - Flies

Character class - Bird

MOVESET (Brawl):

--Blasting Roar

--Claw Sweep

--Tail Sweep

--Slamming Rush

--Flying Stomp

--Background Ram


MOVESET (Smash 4):


--Ground Slash

--Background Ram


--Flying Slash

--Stage Skewer

HOME COURSES: Research Facility (Brawl), Pyrosphere (Smash 4)



--Has HP instead of damage %.

--The only SSE boss to become a playable character.

--A couple of moves are based of of his attacking patterns in Super Metroid, but the rest are made up (and a few made it into his Ultimate moveset).

Maybe add some wings, y'know, if he's a wingaling dragon.

I'll start catching up the old Thing of the Month posts here over the summer; it's gonna take a heck of a lot longer than setting up my new MCU blog did.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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